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Victoria Laberge - Director of Development Nightwood Theatre
Robyn Green, CEO and Founder, Movies for Mommies, Canada
Kelly LaVallie, CPA, CA, CDFA, CFDS, TikTok Star and Author

Richard Crouse - Film Critic Extraordinaire / Host of CTV's Pop Life

Vivek Shraya, Musician, Visual Artist and Author
Bob Blumer - Bestselling author, Gastronaut and Food Network Host
Wayne Ng, Award-winning Author
Saffron Beckwith - President Ampersand Inc.
  • “Chris always has great guest ideas for my various shows and is prompt and organized at making the arrangements. A pleasure to work with, professional, creative and supportive. I can’t wait to work with him again!”
    – Richard Crouse, Film Critic Extraordinaire / Host of CTV’s Pop Life
  • “Chris is meticulous in detail and delivery. He built a phenomenal marketing outreach program for an incredibly hard to reach demographic and made it a monthly event to watch for.”
    – Robyn Greene, CEO and Founder Movies for Mommies
  • “Chris is an original, outside-of-the-box thinker. He sees opportunity where others see obstacles, his unwavering optimism is contagious—and most importantly, he is a pleasure to work with!”
    – Bob Blumer, Bestselling author, Gastronaut and Food Network Host
  • “Chris is an innovative, dynamic strategist whose passion for his customers is unsurpassed. His enthusiasm is boundless and he gets the job done. And he is more fun to work with than a barrel of monkeys!”
    – Saffron Beckwith, President Ampersand Inc.
  • “Chris brought true passion and creativity to the marketing for my book! From radio interviews to podcasts, I was delighted to see how widely I was promoted on social and online.”
    – Simon Beecroft, New York Times Bestselling Author
  • “Chris is brilliantly insightful, outside-the-box, innovative thinker, who cares deeply and sincerely about helping companies grow to their full potential. He provided us with an array of unique, creative, and incredibly exciting marketing ideas personalized for our company. ”
    – Victoria Laberge, Director of Development Nightwood Theatre
  • “Chris makes it happen. If you have a product you’re looking to sell, a brand you’re looking to promote, he’s one-stop shopping, from idea generation to execution. Working with Chris means impact.”
    – Christian Blauvelt, Managing Editor of IndieWire and Bestselling Author
  • “Chris offers unique insights and is a creative thinker who has done an excellent job at pitching fresh products to our audience at a variety of events.”
    – Andrew Dobson, Award Winning Lifestyle Blogger and Writer